The Latest! Rdio, Soju, Manic, Archuleta, Trapped In the Closet, KCRW, Musk, Madonna…

These are the stories we’re tracking late in the day. Check back for late-evening and early-morning developments.

Looks like Rdio is cooking a mobile-focused launch; look for an imminent announcement.

There’s another music celeb jumping into the startup game.  Justin Bieber is now an investor in Soju Studios, a charitable gaming concept.  Bieber is joining Ellen Degeneres to support the first title, WeTopia.

They were posing as rap executives, but the hits were of a different sort.  Now, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and DC Metropolitan Police have shut down Manic Enterprises, along with 70 ‘label execs’ and $7 million worth of narcotics.

Sorta like Ma$e, but only for two years.  Now, David Archuleta is putting his singing career on hold for a mandatory Mormon mission.

It was written, but now what?  R. Kelly has finished penning 32 additional chapters for the classic hip-hopera, ‘Trapped In the Closet,’ and is now seeking backers to take things to the next level.

Actually, this is rocket science.  KCRW‘s latest guest DJ is SpaceX (and Tesla) CEO Elon Musk, who’ll share his latest space-age playlists.  SpaceX is currently working on an unmanned space capsule that will fly to the International Space Station next year.  

Spanish police have made an arrest in connection with the leak of Madonna‘s latest single, “Gimme All Your Luvin,” slated for a special Super Bowl debut.  So far, this is being identified as being a fan with a very valuable hard drive, and police have only released the initials ‘J.M.R.’ to the media.  Which begs the question, ‘how did the fan get access to the drive in the first place?


IODAcast VIDEO 006: Oliver Future

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To celebrate IODAcast #100 we created a special episode featuring Aventura, Fishbone, Sean Hayes and many more! 10 tracks in total including an IODAcast exclusive live from IODA HQ in SF with Y La Bamba and special guests Typhoon, not to mention guest intros from many people including IODA CEO/Founder Kevin Arnold and Arts Crafts recording artist Dan Mangan! Enjoy!

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from “Untrue”

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LuponY la Bamba with Typhoon
“Hughson Boys” live at the IODA office
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