The Late-Day Wrap: iTracking, MySpace, BMW+Pandora, Guilt, Rdio, UMG+Billabong, Wolfgang’s Vault…

Lawmakers and federal investigators are now poking around this iPhone tracking issue, especially following a rather sketchy and evasive Apple statement on the matter.  That includes US Representative Jay Inslee, who recently contacted Federal Trade Commission (FTC) suggesting an investigation.  Jobs has also apparently been contacted, and both Google and Apple are scheduled to testify on May 10th in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  

Looks like the MySpace fire-sale is moving along.  The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that a half-a-dozen suitors are expected to submit bids by the end of the week.  That is, bids above a $100 million mininum being set by News Corp.

A dashboard-intregrated Pandora is now available across all 2011 and 2012 BMWs – at least those equiped with the ‘BMW Apps’ package.

The US Customs Enforcement Bureau is now posting a guilt-provoking anti-piracy videos on seized sites.  Once-massive rap site isn’t on the list – yet.

Rdio is getting ready to unveil a slate of API-related updates, according to the company.  Stay tuned.

Universal Music Group has finalized a global branding deal with Billabong, one that seems wide-open in scope.  The pairing between music and actions sports seems natural enough, and the stage is set for a range of events, projects and products ahead. 

Wolfgang’s Vault just beefed the vault further with more than 50 years of archived footage.  That includes restored video from the Bill Graham Archive, the King Biscuit Flower Hour, and the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals, among other sources.




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