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Lost kings- Bad - f. jessame
London - Love Can You Hear Me
Diana Polenova - Test Drive

Walking With Ghosts - by Heaven Is Where

Heaven Is Where - Shattered World
KraftMoore- Find Your Love
Presidential - GoGo
Aimee Chadwick - I'm IN Love

Dedicated to Jimme Wallstreet - 1979 To June 20th, 2013. Thank you......


Our Story

About Us

Blisstunes was founded in 1998 by Producer London Thompson. Blisstunes is a full service Record Label and Artist development company with worldwide reach through digital and traditional retail channels. There are over 80 available releases in the Blisstunes Catalog featuring the performances of over 100 Artists.

Blisstunes is aggressively developing relationships within the entertainment industry to increase it’s reach into traditional retail outlets; as well as, new and developing digital frontiers.

Retail Distribution

Blisstunes is distributed by The Orchard (Sony Music) and Sumthing Distribution

Sumthing Distribution

In 1998, Nile Rodgers started Sumthing Distribution as a nationwide record distributor and creative outlet for independent artists and record labels. The company prides itself on it’s ability to permeate the marketplace with many innovative independent projects.

Sumthing Distribution is a full-service distribution company with an account base that encompasses all major national and regional accounts both retail and wholesale. Their responsibilities include all sales and customer service functions, including assisting in implementing our marketing plans. They also handle all billing and collection, promotion consultation, returns processing, credits, advertising, and placement of radio and print buys. Sumthing Distribution offers Blisstunes the luxury of being able to concentrate on the artistic and creative end of the music business. Their sales and marketing plans are especially tailored to maximize the potential of each individual release.

The Orchard

Blisstunes and The Orchard have joined forces to deliver music and video to digital retailers worldwide. Blisstunes has partnered with the following digital music retailers: iTunes, Napster, RHAPSODY, MusicMatch, Audio Lunchbox, MusicNow, MSN Music Service, Downloadpunk.com, Sony Connect, MusicNet, Liquid Audio, Destra, Yahoo.com, Virgin.com, FutureTrax, Downrip, eCast, Wippit, Musicstream and more….

Digital Marketing

Blisstunes has created marketing partnerships with 4000 Blog, Podcast, and promotional sites automating content delivery and establishing promotional opportunities for artists. We’ve inked promotional partnerships with dozens of online outlets, including Lastfm, youtube, MP3.com, hi5.com, Live 365 and others. We offer content in exchange for buy links and positioning, building thousands of doorways to online retailers across the web, ensuring millions of web users are a click away from purchasing our music.

Our Labels


Founded originally to release the debut recordings from The Tuning Point, BlisstunesFaith continues to develop and distribute songs of faith and worship.

handmade logo

A joint venture between Producer Christian Ray Flores and Blisstunes, Handmade Music produces an eclectic mix of world music.


We started our journey back in 1998, with the release of “Pure Bliss”. Blisstunes was really a labor of love, birthed from my simple desire to share our music with as many people as possible. Since then, I’ve had the honor of developing, guiding, and learning from the most vibrant young talent in the industry – London Thompson, Producer.

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